Installation of SecureAnyBox Agent on MAC OS

To install SecureAnyBox Agent on MAC OS platform, please run installer (secureanybox-agent-1.x.pkg).

When installer started, please continue with installation steps. At the second step, it is necessary to select a destination (disk) where the SecureAnyBox Agent installs.

At the third step of the installer, it is possible to change an install location, by clicking the appropriate button ( 1). To proceed the installation, please click the Install button ( 2)

SAB Agent Installator

After clicking the Install button, it is necessary to enter user password to allow the installation.

Enter the password to allow the installation

Once the installation finished, information about the successful installation of the SecureAnyBox Agent is displayed.

Enter the password to allow the installation

When installer closed, please go to the Launchpad where you can find the sab-config application.

sab-config application

Start the application by double click on its icon. When the application starts, please select downloaded configuration file by clicking on the button ( 3). Once the configuration file selected, apply it by clicking appropriate button ( 4).

Select and apply the configuration

In order to apply the configuration it is necessary to enter your password.

Enter your password to apply the configuration

After the configuration was updated, information about it displays and SecureAnyBox agent is successfully installed.

Configuration updated

After the installation complete, SecureAnyBox Agent verifies that the applied Agent Configuration matches the configuration on the SecureAnyBox server. If so, the station will be registered automatically (it might take 10 minutes). If the SecureAnyBox Agent does not have access to the server, it is possible to register the station manually.

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