Import certificate on MS Windows

Importing the certificate is necessary for automatic registration of the station into SecureAnyBox via HTTPS protocol.

To import the certificate please follow these steps:

Click Start and into Windows search field please enter “mmc” ( 1) and click on the program in the search results ( 2).

Start Menu after searching for "mmc"

In the Console window, please click the File ( 1) -> Add/Remove Snap-in( 2).

"Microsoft Management Console window"

Select Certificates ( 1) in the left panel and click Add ( 2) to move a selection into the right panel. Then click OK button ( 3).

Add or Remove Snap-Ins window

In the Certificates snap-in window, select Computer account option ( 1) and click Next button ( 2). At the next window click Finish button ( 3).

Settings of Certificate Snap-In

In the Add or Remove Snap-ins window click OK button ( 1).

Add or Remove Snap-Ins window after certificate added

In the Console window expand Certificates and right click Trusted Root Certificates -> All tasks -> Import

Import Certificate

In Certificate Import Wizard window click Next ( 1), and at the next screen please select certificate to import ( 2). When certificate select, please click Next ( 3).

Please enter the certificate password ( 1) and click Next ( 2) and at the next windows click Next ( 3) and Finish ( 4).


After import completed, the station should be registered into SecureAnyBox automatically (it may takes 10 minutes). For immediate registration, you can restart SecureAnyBox agent service.

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