Installation on Linux

Linux Standard Base (lsb) have to be installed, otherwise the SecureAnyBox can’t be registered for automatic start. Linux Standard Base is available through various online repositories like:
The installation procedure depends on your distribution, it can be for example sudo yum install lsb. If you decide not to install lsb or it is not available for your system, you still can register the starting script manually. We always create it in /etc/…

We don’t support other JVMs than Oracle Java. Tested and approved Oracle JVM is always a part of the installation package. You can install Oracle JVM manually, locate and use existing installation or choose private Oracle JVM installation. In order to use other than default JVM, just choose the Private Java option when you start the installation script.
Default installation path is /opt/tdp/secureanybox, but you can choose whatever path/device you need.

Installation script then needs IP address and port – this can be changed later, but you have to choose address:port combination which will not cause any conflict with other services running on the box. Thus we recommend starting with the default port. Once you enter the management console, you can change it or add more interfaces on different address:port combinations. If a conflict will be detected, the system reverts to the last “good” configuration which allows you to continue.

It is highly recommended to switch to SSL (https) as soon as possible. You can either use a built-in function for generating a self-signed certificate or you can import your existing certificate with a private key (usually available in PKCS12 format). Please keep in mind, that interfaces are virtualized – it is necessary to set both IP address and URL otherwise system is not able to accept a request.

In a case of upgrading the SecureAnyBox, the same installation script is used. Please confirm the same installation path like before and choose the default option NOT to overwrite the configuration file.

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