Import certificate on Mac OS

To install certificate on a Mac platform, please download the certificate on your station and follow these steps:

To open Keychain Access, start by clicking on Go in the Finder menu and the select Utilities.

When the Utilities window opens up, look for and click on the icon named Keychain Access.
Note: Alternatively, you can open the Keychain Access by typing “Keychain Access” in the Spotlight search field at the top.

In the Keychains window select System.

Within the Keychain Access menu select File > click Import Items.

Browse to the .p12 or .pfx file that you want to import and open it.

Enter your admin password to authorize the changes and click Modify Keychain.

Enter the password that you entered when you created your .p12 or .pfx file.

Your SSL certificate should now be installed and the station should be automatically registered.

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