How to set automatic login of default user by SecureAnyBox Agent

Automatic login by SecureAnyBox can be set for station default user only. Other users have to log in manually. This setting can be convenient for stations on which works more than one user, but the station primarily is used by a user with the lowest permissions. That user can be set as default and will automatically log on.

In order to set automatic login SecureAnyBox Agent on stations, please follow these steps:

  • Create Agent Configuration, where will be settings for all platforms of stations, on which you want install SecureAnyBox Agent.
  • At the Downloads page, please select appropriate Agent Configuration and download the SecureAnyBox Agent and it’s configuration.
  • Install SecureAnyBox Agent on a station.

Installation steps
If in the Agent Configuration is set to change the password of a group, is necessary to have set local users group in which will be all users, who will be able to obtain the password from SecureAnyBox. Default user has to be set as one of them.

How create a new local group in MS Windows
Please set default user on your station.

How set Default user on MS Windows station
After the restart of the station, the first automatic login should go through – the SecureAnyBox Agent sets the user’s password and changes it in the registers where the automatic login is stored. Password for default user can be obtained in SecureAnyBox at the Get Password page as for any other user.

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